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Supervisor in a fulfillment warehouse
2nd Shift, 4pm - 12:30am ( Should be flexible and able to work overtime )
$19-$20 an hour, based on experience
Primary Function:
The primary function of the fulfillment Supervisor will be to work with the employees/department leads in the area, oversee the operation and manage activities on a daily basis. The Supervisor will be expected to have a thorough understanding of all the operations that they oversee and work closely with Group Leaders and Fulfillment operators to make sure they have the tools and resources to complete their obligations and are following the guidelines as outlined in the handbook. The Supervisor is expected to maintain the targeted labor to revenue and accuracy measures as outlined by the department manager. The Fulfillment Supervisor will need to posses strong computer skills and be experienced in Microsoft Excel etc.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Fulfillment Supervisor must be able to handle several duties and responsibilities on an ongoing and daily basis:
(1) Work in and maintain a team environment where all departments work together.
(2) Work through staff challenges to see that company policy is being followed.
(3) Be available for overtime hours, off-schedule hours, weekend hours, and holiday hours.
(4) Implement the most efficient processes and measure productivity.
(5) Maintain a fulfillment accuracy rate of 99.8%
(6) Measure/Maintain targeted labor efficiency rates
(7) Maintain a safe work environment
(8) Work with Account Management to overcome challenges that the client presents.
(9) Cross-training staff to work in other EchoData departments when necessary.
(10) Meet or exceed our client's expectations in regards to order processing and service.
(11) Have a full understanding and use of the tools/system.
(12) Display a level of pro-activity that meets our client's expectations, both Internal and External.
(13) Be a problem solver for the department and work with other departments on operational challenges.
(1) Experience and knowledge leading or supervising others
(2) Ability to multitask and work in a fast passed environment.
(3) Strong Microsoft Office experience
(4) Ability to manage stressful situations/deadlines.
Excellent communication skills, detail orientated, proactive attitude, and self driven. Ability to manage and handle staffing challenges to ensure that all policies are being followed - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist